The Earl De La Warr and his wife Anne and their family invite you to share their ancestral home on your wedding day.

The Sackville family’s motto “Jour De Ma Vie” translates as “Day of My Life” which is how we hope you will remember the most important day of your lives.

Buckhurst Park, is a much loved family home, perfect to capture the romance of a wedding day.

“From the moment we drove up the driveway on our very first visit we knew we had found somewhere special”Sarah and Sam

Where to Find Us

Buckhurst Park is situated in the village of Withyham, midway between Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead and the M23, just 24 minutes from the M25 and 90 minutes from central London.

The History of Buckhurst Park

Herbrand de Sauqueville, a follower of William the Conqueror, settled in Sussex and his grandson married Ela de Dene, heiress of the Manor of Buckhurst where their descendants still live. A close connection with Queen Elizabeth I was established through a marriage to the uncle of Anne Boleyn and the Queen soon promoted her cousin Thomas Sackville to the titles Lord Buckhurst and Earl of Dorset, later to become Dukes of Dorset and Earls De La Warr. Thomas drew up plans for the present house at Buckhurst on the site of an earlier hunting box built for the popular medieval deer coursing, a sport later enjoyed at Buckhurst by Queen Elizabeth I.

The house was finally finished by Thomas’s son the second Earl despite the family having been granted the great mansion at Knole which is still lived in by a junior branch of the Sackville family.